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Loans Online

Welcome to loans online and we are going to looking at all the various types available in South Africa and providing you with an objective overview of the available loans online.

We are going to be adding new reviews daily, so be sure to check back regularly to get the latest news and reviews on all the companies in South Africa, that offer loans as well as the various products and service that they offer.

With so many choices currently in the market, people are looking for reviews to the various choices and that is why we created this informative website, to provide our readers with only the best reviews related to loans in South Africa.

When applying for a personal loan, financial institution generally require the following documentation and this varies from company to company, but will give you a general idea:
  • Identity document (ID)
  • Conformation of your physical address
  • Bank statements
The types of loans vary and if you are looking for a consolidation loan, you will generally need to provide more detailed information related to your accounts and creditors.

We will be going into much more detail and providing you with all the information the various companies require in order for you to apply for a loan.

Latest Review: Capitec Loans

Today we are going to be looking at Capitec loans in more detail and since we have received allot of enquires related to these loans, we decided to give our readers a broader overview of these loans, to let them know exactly how to apply as well as contact Capitec online.


Latest Review: Virgin Money

We are going to reviewing Virgin Money in more detail today and looking at what they offer and in more detail specifically their credit cards and how you go about to apply for one and hat features they offer related to these cards.

Virgin has not been in South Africa for that long, but they are truly making allot of waves in the industry, since they do offer great service and excellent products related to their cards. Virgin money in particular offers consumers the ability to apply for accredit credit, either online or by contact them via their customer care number.


Latest Review: Consolidation Loans

Consolidation loans offer people the ability to apply for a loan with a financial institution, for example a bank to provide them with peace of mind I paying all the creditors with one go.

We are going to be looking at these types of loans in closer detail today, since more and more people are looking into these consolidation loans as a way to get some debt relief and choose the best option available out there to get out of debt.


Latest Review: Debt Consolidation

When you start to look at debt consolidation in detail and really drilling down to the core of this service, it starts to make allot of sense why people are getting more interested in this type of service.

With debt growing not only in South Africa, but worldwide, the need for debt consolidation will continue to grow since food prices are rising annually as well petrol and diesel prices and this is snowballing into general life as well that is rising the cost of monthly living and forcing people to look at alternative options to pay all their outstanding debts.


Latest Review: African Bank

Today we are going to be looking at African bank in closer detail and reviewing their overall performance and various features they offer via their online banking system.

African bank is truly a success story in the making and although they went through a rough patch at some stage, they seem to have recovered and launch themselves back into the banking sector in South Africa.

They offer various products and services and the main products they offer include loans, investments, cards and insurance. These are the major products they offer South Africans and with excellent service they have been one of the favourite banks in South Africa.


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