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Capitec Debt Consolidation

We are going to be looking at Capitec debt consolidation loans in closer detail today and we have been receiving a lot of enquiries related to this service, so we decided to give people a broader overview of the loans that they offer.

Capitec is one of the newest banks in South Africa and they have made phenomenal growth over the last couple years. They offer loans for their clients up to R250 000 and you can consolidate all your existing loans for easier and more convenient payments.

Capitec has always been the front-runner in terms of innovative products and through this service, they are able to assist customers who do need a loan and need help to consolidate.

With their personal loans, they also offer free death and retrenchment cover as well as fixed monthly instalments.

To apply for a personal loans with them you would to present your id, latest salary slip, proof of residential address and bank statements showing your salary clearly.

If you do feel that you want to look in the debt consolidation option from Capitec, be sure to contact them directly via their website or give them a call on their customer care line, provided on the website.

We are going to be focusing more on debt consolidation in the coming months, due to the high number of enquiries, so be sure to check back soon.

We are going to looking at the various companies and websites offering this service and giving you the best objective review we can, so that you can decide for yourself if you would like to apply for debt consolidation with these companies.

Capitec Loans (Online Review)

Today we are going to be looking at Capitec loans in more detail and since we have received allot of enquires related to these loans, we decided to give our readers a broader overview of these loans, to let them know exactly how to apply as well as contact Capitec online.

Capitec loans offer their customers loans up to R250 000, with repayment terms that vary between 1 to 84 months or 7 years. These are very flexible terms and enable anyone who’s looking for a loan to have lower monthly repayments than the more traditional 60 month period or 5 years.

Capitec loans also offer consumers the ability to have their funds available in a very short period of time in the account and thus providing people with a solution, who need the funds quickly in order to do a payment or for whatever reason they might require the funds for.

We have been following them very closely and we must say in our opinion that they offer a very user friendly website with great online internet banking, as well as service delivery and ease of use in order to contact them about the products and services.

They are also very transparent and provide people with the rates and fees applicable to their loans, so that there are no surprises and that they know exactly what they are in for and enable them to plan effectively to repay the loan monthly and incorporate that into their monthly budget.

To contact Capitec Loans, you can either call the customer care line or apply online via online internet banking or visit your nearest capitec branch. They have various branches countrywide and as they continue to expand and grow on South Africa, we will surely see more Capitec branches pooping up in the short and long terms.

We are going to be looking at Capitec Internet Banking in more detail and we can just convey that we ourselves bank with them and the ease of use of the internet banking is great and offers users a very fast and effective way to do bank safe and securely.

We will continue to follow Capitec loans in the future and keep all our readers updated on any new developments as well as products that they might launch in connection with their loans, so be sure to check back regularly to get all the latest news and reviews.