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Ithala Bank Loans (Online Review)

We must first of all mention that Ithala is an authorised financial services provider and they assist businesses in financing for their enterprises.

All our business clients would be thrilled to know that we are doing a review, since they are always looking for companies to provide assistance in business financing. They provide financing for various industries that include micro financing, commercial asset financing, franchise financing and many more industries.

They have got branches all over kwazulu natal, with their head office being in Durban, South Africa.

Not only do they offer business financing , but also home loans for the clients to buy or build a home and if you are looking at this option, be sure to contact them today to find out if they will be able to assist you and what possible interest rate they will be able to give you.

Another great feature of Ithala is that they provide internet banking for their customers and this not only provides convenience, but also convenience to login and do transactions online.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a business looking for financing or a private home owner, looking to build or buy a house, you can contact them for assistance. With their large network of branches, you can simply locate the nearest branch and contact them directly or via their website.

Their website is very user friendly and we managed to navigate quite effortlessly through the website to get all the information we need in order to provide this objective review.

We are going to following all the latest news and review, so be sure to find out what new and exciting products they will come up with next and we can only recommend them to anyone looking at financial institution in South Africa.

Cash Converters Loans (Review)

We are going to be looking at Cash Converters in more details, since we have been receiving allot of enquiries and requests related to more information on them and we are going to be outlining what they offer in terms of loans as well as other services.

The main service offering for Cash Converters has always been to sell your old goods to them in order for them to resell the goods via their outlets and you can off course buy items from them as well.

The last couple of years we have noticed that they also offer loans and provide consumers with this type of advance against their goods or valuables. This type of loan service is relatively new and people have been exploring this idea in great detail, to find out more about how this works and how to go about to apply for such a loan.

Basically it works on the principle that they will keep your goods for you and once the loan plus interest is aid, your goods are returned to you.

Cash converters basically need any form of identification as well as the goods which you would like them to keep and take the loan against. If you would like more information on this, fell free to contact them directly or contact them online via their very information website.

Cash converters have grown tremendously over the last couple of years in South Africa and with new stores being opened constantly, we will surely be seeing allot more of them in the coming years.

We will continue to follow them online and keep all our users updated on any new developments on their side and be sure to check back soon for more exciting news and reviews on your favourite companies.

On their website, you can also find out more about opening a franchise of your own as well as all the stores nationwide and where to find them.

Bruma Finance (South Africa)

One of the top loan company’s currently in South Africa is Bruma finance and we are going to looking in more detail at their service and product offering.

It is important to note that they are registered as a financial services provider and they offer a variety of products that include personal loans and debt consolidation. You read more about these various subjects on our website.

Bruma finance generally offers loans from R1 000-R15 000 and although some lenders do offer larger loans, they cater more for the smaller type loans in the market.

They have a very informative website with loads of information related to their products and services and with all their contact details clearly visible, anyone can contact them quite easily to find out more about their products or to enquire about an existing account.

They also offer user the opportunity to apply online via their website and all these features offer their customers a very easy and quick way to apply for a loan with them. The response time to requests is also very quick and as stated on their website, they aim to provide same day feedback related to an application.

The general rule to complete the application is that they will require a copy of your id as well your latest payslip and bank statements. It is best to contact them directly to find out of more documents are required and what exactly they need in terms of verification.

We have been following now for quite some time and have only heard good things about their service offering and they only seem to go from strength to strength and we will continue to follow them closely.

They also offer insurance in this regard and we suggest that you do contact them directly to find out more about this service and what exactly it entails.

Their customer care number is also listed on their that you can call them on to find out more and do contact them with any questions or queries related to an existing or new account.

Izwe Loans (South Africa)

Today we are going to be looking at Izwe loans in more detail and exploring all the various loan options they provide consumers in South Africa. Generally most loan providers focus more on personal loans specifically, but Izwe loans have broaden their horizons and offer 4 different types of loans.

Firstly we are going to be looking at their personal loan options and they offer this type of loan for consumers looking for a loan from R5 000 – R40 000.

You use their sliders online to determine how much you need and what the interest and repayment amount will be as well as the term the loan will be available for.

Their very user friendly website provide consumers with a very transparent view on what they will be able to afford to repay monthly and we urge everyone to work within your budget and do not apply for a loan that you might not be able to repay monthly.

Secondly they offer Student loans and this is for all upcoming students who need funds to go and study. You can contact them to find out more and with allot of movement currently in the student funding industry, it will be very interesting to see how things turn out in the next couple of years.

They also offer debt consolidation loans and we have an interesting article about debt consolidation loans, which can read about more by clicking here. These types of loans offer people a lifeline who are in debt and with a consolidation loan, you are able to repay all your outstanding creditors and only have 1 instalment to pay monthly.

The fact that you will have only 1 interest rate to deal with is also a big benefit and although this is a good choice, we also urge you to look at debt review as an additional option, to help you get out of debt.

Izwe loans also offer building loans and if you are planning to build your dream home in the near future, be sure to find out more about their offering as well as what is needed to apply and what possible interest rate you will be looking at for your building loan.

We can truly say that we are very impressed with Izwe loans and will continue to follow them closely and keep you updated on all the latest developments from them.

We also have an array of other reviews, so be sure to go through our website and let us know if you do need a specific review that is not listed on our website.

Personal Loans

Today we are going to be looking at personal loans in closer detail and providing you with all the information about applying for this type of loan as well as the best companies currently in South in the loan industry.

The need for personal loans have grown tremendously over the last couple of years and with so many people looking to stay afloat with the ever increasing cost of living, they are turning to personal loans for assistance.

We must clearly state that we do recommend that you do not apply for a personal loan if you aren’t able to afford the monthly repayment and rather look at other options like debt review or debt consolidation to assist if you are in debt.

If you are able to repay the personal loan monthly and do need the loan for assistance for example with home renovations or any other related need that aren’t tied in with monthly survival, then please continue to review all the companies we are going to list on our website, to make the best and clear decision related to the best personal loans in South Africa.

All the various banks in South Africa these days generally offer personal loans and although it might seem the same, the various amounts they offer all differ as well as the repayment terms and loan terms that vary from 1 month to 84 months.

We have received numerous enquiries related to the best companies out there and that is why we will strive to provide you with the best possible reviews on these companies, so that you can determine for yourself what company offers the best deal and service offering.

Personal loans is growing market and with more companies entering the market this type of product, we will continue to review these companies and providing you with all the information related to the best product and service offering in South Africa.

Welcome to Loans Online and we are going to looking at all the various types available in South Africa and providing you with an objective overview of the available loans online.

We are going to be adding new review daily, so be sure to check back regularly to get the attest news and reviews on all the companies in South Africa, that offer loans as well as the various products and service that they offer.

African Bank Loans

Today we are going to be looking at African bank loans in closer detail, due to the large amount of enquiries we have been receiving in relation to the loans that they offer and how people should go about applying for such a loan.

First of all let’s look at the most obvious issue at hand and that is how much you can borrow with African Bank?

They offer loans for consumers in South Africa, that vary between R500 and goes up to R150 000. They also have terms that vary and the longest term that you will receive from them is 60 months.

Where to do your online application with African Bank?

They offer various ways to apply for a loan with them and we are going to be outlining them below. The first option is to give them call on the customer care line and speak to a call centre agent to find out what they need to apply via that channel.

The second option is to apply online with them and you can visit their website and complete the online application form to apply for the amount that you require.

The third option is to simply visit your nearest African Bank branch and apply within via consultant. They will assist you and guide you through the process and what documentation is needed to get you application submitted.

Is your repayment instalments fixed?

The answer is yes and they clearly state that they provide consistency through keeping the instalments fixed.

We hope we have answered a few of your most asked questions and just note that we do not offer loans ourselves and only provide information on loans from companies like African Bank. If you would like more information on a specific company, contact and post your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. African bank offers great service and we will continue to follow them and keep you updated on all the latest developments in terms of their loans.

We are going to be looking at the main website of african bank and that is of course, so be sure to be on the lookout for all the latest news and reviews.