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Virgin Money (Review)

We are going to reviewing Virgin Money South Africa in more detail today and looking at what they offer and in more detail specifically their credit cards and how you go about to apply for one and hat features they offer related to these cards.

Virgin has not been in South Africa for that long, but they are truly making allot of waves in the industry, since they do offer great service and excellent products related to their cards. Virgin money in particular offers consumers the ability to apply for accredit credit, either online or by contact them via their customer care number.

These features enable anyone looking to get in touch with them, the ability to do such without hassle and apply for card with them. You can either visit their website that are stuffed with information related to their products and services or give them a call to find out more.

We have always been a great supporter of Virgin and since they are involved in so many industries, like the airline industry and even fitness with Virgin active gyms, every industry they touch seem to turn to gold and the money industry is just another success story.

Virgin money offer great service and when you apply for credit card, there are no annual or monthly service fees. That feature alone is something that is unheard of in South Africa and proves that they are truly out of the box thinkers who try and provide the best service to their customers worldwide and specifically in South Africa.

As they continue to grow we will be there to follow them and bring you all the latest news and features related to their service. Virgin money will only go from strength to strength and we will be right there to bring you all the news and reviews related to their money products.

Their website is very user friendly and offers consumers all the information they need related to the cards and do contact us if you do feel that you want more information on Virgin money or a specific review related to a product offering.