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Ithala Bank Loans (Online Review)

We must first of all mention that Ithala is an authorised financial services provider and they assist businesses in financing for their enterprises.

All our business clients would be thrilled to know that we are doing a review, since they are always looking for companies to provide assistance in business financing. They provide financing for various industries that include micro financing, commercial asset financing, franchise financing and many more industries.

They have got branches all over kwazulu natal, with their head office being in Durban, South Africa.

Not only do they offer business financing , but also home loans for the clients to buy or build a home and if you are looking at this option, be sure to contact them today to find out if they will be able to assist you and what possible interest rate they will be able to give you.

Another great feature of Ithala is that they provide internet banking for their customers and this not only provides convenience, but also convenience to login and do transactions online.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a business looking for financing or a private home owner, looking to build or buy a house, you can contact them for assistance. With their large network of branches, you can simply locate the nearest branch and contact them directly or via their website.

Their website is very user friendly and we managed to navigate quite effortlessly through the website to get all the information we need in order to provide this objective review.

We are going to following all the latest news and review, so be sure to find out what new and exciting products they will come up with next and we can only recommend them to anyone looking at financial institution in South Africa.