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Izwe Loans (South Africa)

Today we are going to be looking at Izwe loans in more detail and exploring all the various loan options they provide consumers in South Africa. Generally most loan providers focus more on personal loans specifically, but Izwe loans have broaden their horizons and offer 4 different types of loans.

Firstly we are going to be looking at their personal loan options and they offer this type of loan for consumers looking for a loan from R5 000 – R40 000.

You use their sliders online to determine how much you need and what the interest and repayment amount will be as well as the term the loan will be available for.

Their very user friendly website provide consumers with a very transparent view on what they will be able to afford to repay monthly and we urge everyone to work within your budget and do not apply for a loan that you might not be able to repay monthly.

Secondly they offer Student loans and this is for all upcoming students who need funds to go and study. You can contact them to find out more and with allot of movement currently in the student funding industry, it will be very interesting to see how things turn out in the next couple of years.

They also offer debt consolidation loans and we have an interesting article about debt consolidation loans, which can read about more by clicking here. These types of loans offer people a lifeline who are in debt and with a consolidation loan, you are able to repay all your outstanding creditors and only have 1 instalment to pay monthly.

The fact that you will have only 1 interest rate to deal with is also a big benefit and although this is a good choice, we also urge you to look at debt review as an additional option, to help you get out of debt.

Izwe loans also offer building loans and if you are planning to build your dream home in the near future, be sure to find out more about their offering as well as what is needed to apply and what possible interest rate you will be looking at for your building loan.

We can truly say that we are very impressed with Izwe loans and will continue to follow them closely and keep you updated on all the latest developments from them.

We also have an array of other reviews, so be sure to go through our website and let us know if you do need a specific review that is not listed on our website.